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State of SOEsA Bangladesh Perspective


SOEs stand for the state-owned enterprise. Normally for in any economy, there does exist two types of enterprises in the basement of ownership type. They are state-owned enterprise and non-state owned enterprises. The state-owned enterprises are state-owned because of its objective of foundation. Mainstream economics has proved that under every situation competitive market system cannot operate with full stream. And that is why and especially for public sector activities initiated by governments need to be operated under state ownership. And these state-owned enterprises are not basically profit motivated rather welfare motivated and this motivation of foundation is another reason for operating these firms under state ownership. Because privately owned firms are basically welfare oriented rather being profit oriented. Welfare achievement is just a secondary goal to achieve for those enterprises. Change initiative has come to an understanding that it is urgent to evaluate the existing state-owned enterprises and that is the aim of this project as well. A list of the state-owned enterprises has already formulated and the relevant information necessary for the primary analysis.


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Zia Hasan

Visiting Research Fellow

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MD. Shadman Sakib Khalili

Research Assistant

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