TVET Dual Apprenticeship Model

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TVET: Dual Apprenticeship Model


TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. For TVET, there does exist a variety of competing models. But in Bangladesh, Technical and vocational education is being provided but none of the competing models has been examined in order to ensure which model in which section on Bangladesh section works best. The aim of this project is to evaluate that fitness within some fixed constraint situation as well. And the competing models are the following:

1. School-based solutions

a. French model

b. US model

2. Guild Apprenticeship

3. Training outside the school: Latin American model

4. Training enterprises: The Japanese system

5. Dual Apprenticeship model: Germany and Austria

This work would be carried out through an understanding with UCEP Bangladesh and it is mainly going to produce a consultancy report aiming to evaluate the practice of Dual Apprenticeship Model within the pilot project carried down by UCEP in two different trades in two different regions such as Khulna and Rajshahi.

We are hopeful that this consultancy report would be able to produce this comparison that would add extra value to the current knowledge paradigm regarding TVET.

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M Zakir Hossain Khan

Climate Finance and Governance Analyst

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Sifat E Rabbi

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