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Countering Inflation: A Private measure of CPI


To measure the performance of an economy on a classical basis, inflation pays one of the most attention is driven phenomena as well. Normally in Bangladesh, inflation is measured by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) individually. CI has decided to make an attempt of measuring inflation through its own initiative by following the homogenous method which has got international recognition. But inflation measure is a gigantic task and needs much time to generate such time series data. That is why we have decided to divide this research into several segments to generate research output that meets contemporary research demands. And these And these segments are:

1. Monthly Price update

2. Quarterly Price Update

3. Half-yearly Price Update

4. Yearly price update and

5. Inflation monitor and its associates (Yearly)

This is expected that research output derived under this project would provide almost real-time update of price survey outcome and other associated phenomena as well.


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Zia Hasan

Visiting Research Fellow

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MD.Rafiqul Islam

Research Associate

Economy, Trade and Connectivity

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MD. Shadman Sakib Khalili

Research Assistant

Economy, Trade and Connectivity

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