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Climate Finance for Sustainable Development Equity and Governance Perspective


The climate vulnerability of the entire world has been observed over the decades resulting in a more natural disaster, salinity, desertification, irregular rainfall and so on. To combat this climate vulnerability, the concept of climate finance has evolved through the cumulative approach of relevant stakeholders over the years. But these financing issues should not go forward without revisiting through equity and governance perspective as well. The aim of this book is to address climate finance from equity and governance perspective and the boundary of the entire study would be confined itself into Bangladesh for clearer picture simultaneously.

This study is aimed to cover the following issues:

1. An introductory note to Climate Change

2. An introductory note to Climate Finance

3. Adaptation Financing

4. Mitigation Financing

5. The Green Climate Fund: Climate Change & Climate Finance perspective

6. Other sources of financing

7. Response from the polluters

8. Tales from Climate Victims

9. Role of local government institutions in climate finance mechanisms

10. Scope for Innovation

11. Tracking Paris agreement transparency framework and relevant SDG targets

This study has targeted to all classes of readers including but not limited to enthusiastic readers, students and also climate finance expert. As we believe that countering climate finance on the aspect of equity and governance is equivalently relevant for every class of relevant readers. Moreover, this book is countering climate finance issue from SDGs, Equity and Governance.

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M Zakir Hossain Khan

Climate Finance and Governance Analyst

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Mahfuzur Rahman

Visiting Research Fellow

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Avia Nahreen

Visiting Research Fellow

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MD Rafiqul Islam

Research Associate

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