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The minority in the coastal area of Bangladesh



The coastal area has been identified for different phenomenon. In the midst of these phenomenon, the lives of the minor in the coastal area of Bangladesh is not well addressed on scholarly aspect as well. Change initiative has decided to trace their livelihood situation empirically with respect to some selected issues. And these issues are as follow:

  1. Identity, Ethics and social safety related issues
  2. Access to government provided facilities, politics and institutions with respect to equity aspect
  3. Livelihood patterns, income and spending and assets holds in different formats
  4. Foods security
  5. Housing scenario
  6. Health information
  7. Education information
  8. Disaster and conflict
  9. Access to water and sanitation
  10. Access to fuel and electricity
  11. Access to disaster preparedness facilities
  12. Customs and social issues including marital customs, dowry, separation, gender conflicts
  13. Culture related issues


These issues would be provided emphasis in this study and this list of issues has been selected through several FGDs performed in coastal areas randomly.

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M Zakir Hossain Khan

Climate Finance and Governance Analyst

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M Rafiqul Islam Montu

Visiting Fellow

Disasters, Conflicts and Humanitarian Assistance

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Sifat E Rabbi

Research Fellow

Governance, Public Health and WASH

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Reza E Rabbi Shant

Research Associate

Governance, Politics and Institution

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